Mobile wireless technology has progressed at almost breakneck speed in Europe. From the original basic voice only TACS systems that were originally rolled out in the middle of the 1980’s, to the new generation of 5G networks promising download speeds quicker than Leroy Sane running down the wing! But as technology progresses there are more and more reports of non-urban areas of Europe being left behind by the mobile operators – poor coverage, slow download speeds, and unreliable connection are all common complaints. Could antenna technology and selection play a part in improving the so-called ‘digital divide’?

Click on the links below to find the white paper in the languages mentioned:

Rural Wireless Connectivity – A big problem with a simple solution? – English


Rurale Wireless Konnektivität – Ein großes Problem mit einer einfachen Lösung? – German


Connessione Wireless in aree rurali – Un grosso problema con una semplice soluzione? – Italian

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