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Poynting products and antenna fundamentals (YouTube videos)
Do you need “line-of-sight” for cellular antennas?
Fixed Broadband Business Case – Dr Andre Fourie
How coax cable affect antenna performance?
How far apart must LTE antennas be spaced if you are using two separate antennas?
How far will my antenna work?
How to boost cellphone voice signal?
Kragdag Poynting antenna speed test – 17 June 2016
Load Balancing using Poynting Antennas
LTE 4G Part 1 – What frequency bands do they operate on –
LTE 4G Part 2 – Why you must have 2 antennas for LTE 4G speeds –
LTE 4G Part 4 – The LTE 4G Antennas
LTE 4G Part 5 – About Cross Polarised MiMo Antenna (A-XPOL-0001)
LTE 4G Part 6 – About MiMo Cross Polarised Antenna (A-XPOL-0002)
LTE speed tests using B593 router and Poynting outdoor antennas (A-LPDA-0092) –
Poynting Low Temperature environmental test at -40° on -XPOL-0001
Poynting Low Temperature environmental test at -40° on XPOL-0002
Poynting LPDA-92 antenna 3D Radiation patterns
Poynting Product – Blade Antenna – OMNI-39
Poynting Product – MIMO-1 Product Overview
Poynting Product – OMNI-291 – 3D Radiation Pattern (Marine Antenna)
Poynting Product – OMNI-291 – Product Overview (Marine Antenna)
Poynting Product – XPOL-6-10M – Product Overview
Poynting XPOL-6-10M antenna 3D Radiation patterns
Poynting XPOL-6-10M antenna 3D Radiation patterns
Speed test in Parkview, Johannesburg 2016
What are voice and data repeaters?
What is 3G, 4G and 5G?
What is an antenna pattern?
What is antenna gain?
What is antenna polarization?
What is LTE-A?
Why do you need an outdoor antenna for TELKOM LTE? –

Why do you need LOW GAIN small antennas?
Why do you need two antennas for TELKOM LTE?

Why does my 10Mbps data contract only give 5Mbps?
Why is LTE upload and download speeds different? –
Why spend a bit more on a better antenna than a small antenna?
XPOL 6 LTE Speed test with Poynting outdoor antenna
XPOL 6 Telkom LTE Speed test Irene 2016

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