824-960 MHz; 1710-2200 MHz2dBi Omni-Directional4G LTEIP 66-10°C to +55°CFire Resistant
Covert GSM, Omni-Directional, 2G/3G/LTE Antenna
824 - 960MHz, 2dBi; 1710 - 2200MHz, 1dBi
  • Wideband omni-directional antenna
  • Linearly polarized
  • Robust design for indoor and outdoor use (IP 66)
  • Vandal and water resistant
  • Meets the stringent electrical requirements for RFID applications
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Product Overview

The DIPL-1 is a wideband 2G, 3G or 4G/LTE antenna, which gives a strong connection for faster transfer speeds for your broadband modem or router. The antenna is vertically polarized and with an omni-directional radiation pattern. The antenna can be fitted directly on any equipment that uses an SMA connector. The antenna is encapsulated in a soft flexible plastic moulding that offers protection from the environment. The antenna is IP 66 rated, which ensures that it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Product Options
SKU A-DIPL-0001-01 A-DIPL-0001-06 A-DIPL-0001-11
COAX Cable Type RG-174 RG-174 RG-174
COAX Cable Length 2m 2m 1.90m
Color Black Black Black
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Shipping Details
SKU A-DIPL-0001-01 A-DIPL-0001-06 A-DIPL-0001-11
EAN 6009693810570 6009693810631 6009693810983
HS Code #85291069 #85291069 #85291069
Packaged Weight 0.062kg 0.062Kg 0.06kg
Packaged Dimensions 170 x 30 x 45 mm 170 x 30 x 45 mm 170 x 30 x 45 mm
Master Box QTY 200 200 200
Master Box Weight 14kg 14kg 14kg
Master Box Dimensions 500 x 330 x 320 mm 500 x 330 x 320 mm 500 x 330 x 320 mm
Country of Origin China China China

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