The HELI-4 is a high gain, uni-directional antenna which complements our Wi-Fi MinePoynt tunnel and mine antennas. The combination of MinePoynt beam antennas, for long distance thru-tunnel links, with this directional antenna, exploits Poynting’s fifteen years’ experience in designing and manufacturing antennas for underground mining data networks. The tunnel antenna is the ideal antenna for 2.4 – 2.5 GHz wireless applications in tunnels. In tests, both the data rate and range achieved with this antenna was greater than obtained when using linearly polarized panel antennas of the same gain. The hardy construction of this antenna makes it ideal for the mining environment. HELI-4 is a uni-directional antenna whilst the closely related HELI-8 is a bi-directional antenna. The HELI-4 gives you a low-cost network infrastructure for current voice and data needs in mines and tunnels.

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