Inteto Connect is now a proud distributor of the Teltonika Networks range. Teltonika is the manufacturer of some very exciting LTE and IoT devices, with a clear and equal focus on quality, functionality, and cost effectiveness. Teltonika is based out of Lithuania, and offers an impressive range of network, telematics, medical and GPS solutions, all made with legendary European build quality.


The Teltonika range offers huge flexibility and can be applied to a huge variety of IoT projects, from smart metering, industrial automation, and machine to machine communication, to simply providing a reliable backup internet connection when wired internet goes down. Their Telematics range features a variety of vehicle and fleet tracking and monitoring solutions.

Teltonika also provides an excellent cloud-management system called Remote Management System, or RMS for short. RMS gives administrators remote access to their Teltonika devices from anywhere, allowing mass configuration changes or OTA updates to all or some of their field devices.

RMS can also be used to remotely access any device with a WebUI/http or Command-line interface that is connected to a Teltonika router or gateway. This is an excellent time and money saver for scenarios such as wind or solar farms, which are often located in remote areas. RMS allows our customers to remotely connect to their controllers, PLCs or inverters to immediately get parameters or change settings, all from the comfort of your desk.

To give you a sneak peak of what the Teltonika range has to offer, here is an overview of some of the most popular devices for IoT deployments.


Teltonika RUT240

Teltonika Network’s best-selling unit thus far. Compact, cost-effective, powerful. The RUT240 is a single sim, Industrial LTE router with two LAN ports, one of which can be used as a WAN port. It is compatible with Teltonika’s RMS service for remote access.

Teltonika RUT955

The preferred LTE industrial router for transportation. Rugged, compact, powerful. The RUT955 is a dual-sim LTE router, with 2X2 MIMO LTE and Wi-Fi. The router also has GPS built-in, which makes it perfect for kitting out all types of vehicles with internet connectivity.


Teltonika RUTX12

The best solution for uninterrupted, fast, and reliable internet connectivity. Dual-sim, dual modem, GPS, and Bluetooth. The RUTX12 has two sim card slots and a modem for each sim card. This means being connected to two cellular networks at the same time, giving you the ability for immediate WAN failover from one LTE connection to another, or load balancing to use multiple WAN connections to increate bandwidth, including a wired WAN connection. The addition of Bluetooth means you can pair the Teltonika Bluetooth Low Energy sensors with your router and monitor parameters like temperature, humidity and vibration, among other things.

Teltonika TRB255 NB-IoT industrial grade cellular gateway

Compact and powerful. The perfect device to get your IoT project connected. Featuring Dual-sim, RS232/RS485 serial ports, multiple I/O and GPS. Weighing only 165g and small enough to fit in your pocket, this tiny device punches way above its weight.


Teltonika Puck and Coin BLE sensors

Inconspicuous, accurate, and up to 15 years of battery life. The Puck sensors are 57mm in diameter and just 20mm thick, and the Coin sensors are even smaller. These sensors connect via BLE to any of the Teltonika RUTX series routers from up to 200 meters away. The perfect solution for any temperature and humidity sensitive environments like smart farming or monitoring vibration levels of industrial machinery. The potential applications are endless.

We’re extremely excited to work with new and existing clients and get their GSM or IoT projects connected using Teltonika Networks and our world-class Poynting Antennas. Please contact us at or have a look here:

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