Project Information


TeleRay improves perimeter monitoring on Game Farm

Customer: Duinbaai Private Game Farm
Location: A game farm in the Eastern Cape,
South Africa.

Local Supplier & Consultant: TeleRay cc in Port Elizabeth
Poynting Product: High Gain Poynting Antennas (LPDA-92s)



TeleRay cc:


The Challenge

Duinbaai is a privately owned game farm in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The owner invested in an electrified perimeter fence to prevent his animals from escaping, and to ensure that predators were kept out.

The fence had an Advanced GSM Based Access Automation System that always monitor effective voltage on the fence 

and generates an alarm when array is cut, shorted or grounded.

These energizers and GSM units were placed about 2.5 kms apart on the fence.

The challenge was that the signal from the units were not getting through to the base at the farmhouse.

The Solution

Teleray provided a 3m pole with an LPDA-92 high gain antenna that connected to the GSM Commando unit at each of the 8 sites along the
fence. These units were connected to the Vodacom and MTN Networks.


The Poynting LPDA-92 Antenna is a broadband antenna that covers all the frequencies from 698 – 3800 MHz, which means you only need one antenna to work with these two operators.

The Result

Thanks to TeleRay’s solution Duinbaai perimeter fencing is now operating well with no signal interruptions. In the images below you can see that both networks now have full signal.


We cannot agree more with Rayne when he says: “When installing cellular boosters, I spend a lot of time on antenna selection. When you choose the right antenna, the rest is easy! A cellular booster can only perform as well as the antenna you choose and how well it is installed.”

“There are many antenna manufacturers around, but after careful consideration I only use the Poynting products because any RF system is only as good as the antenna used!” – Rayne Nell, TeleRay cc.

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