Poynting offers a wide range of underground/tunnel antennas, namely the HELI and mini-HELI series. Branded as MinePoynt antennas, these antennas were specifically made for tunnel communication, including mining, tunneling, automotive tunnels, shipping tunnels, etc. The MinePoynt antennas are circular polarized, to offer more reliable and stable networks for safety purposes, automation, and general communication underground.

Introducing a new look


The mini-HELI series will undergo an upgraded look and feel to be more suitable for the harsh and rugged environments of the underground communication industry. The current mini-HELI radomes consist of 3 parts, which are the base, center radome, and end cap. These will now be replaced by a single molded plastic radome to give the antennas a completely new look. A comparison between the current and new mini-HELI radome is illustrated below.

The update to the new single molded colored radome, will offer a much more rugged, sleek, and aerodynamic look. Enhancing the capabilities of the mini-HELI antennas and making them ideal for underground tunnel communication deployments. The antennas will still feature an IP65 ingress protection rating and an IK10 impact rating, making the antennas ideal for any tunnel or mining application.


The change in antenna enclosure will not affect the electrical performance and the antennas will still have the superb performance as standard. The only aspect that will change with the updated radome will be the product codes. The mini-HELI antenna product codes will change from V2 to V3. Poynting’s mini-HELI antenna range available with the updated radome i0073 given below.

The change in enclosures and product codes will come into effect by the latest Middle June 2022. The TS documents of the affected products will be updated with the necessary mechanical changes and product codes.

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