Case Study

TeleRay provides cellphone reception at remote farm.

Project Info

Jeremy Pearson

A farm north of Adelaide in the Eastern Cape,
South Africa.

Local Supplier & Consultant:
TeleRay cc in Port Elizabeth

High Gain Poynting Antennas (LPDA-92s) and Wilson Amplifiers

TeleRay cc:

The Challenge

Jeremy Pearson’s farm is in a remote valley in the Eastern Cape with no cell phone reception. The fixed line service offered by Telkom is not being serviced anymore and was not reliable. His wife was often left alone, as he travelled to auctions, and she had to have reliable phone connectivity. Understandably Jeremy and his adult children wanted to be able to get hold of her by phone.

You could see the Vodacom tower about 8 km away from the top of the mountain that was blocking his signal.
From the top of the mountain, it was about 1,5 km line of sight to his farmhouse.

The Solution…

This resulted in an area of about 50m around the house where a person could make and receive calls.

This farmhouse has very thick walls and a corrugated iron roof, which does not allow the signal from outside to penetrate the house. This was solved by installing another amplifier inside the house with an LPDA-92 pointing towards the installation on the mountain and a smaller omni-directional antenna transmitting the signal in the house.

The Result

Thanks to TeleRay’s persistence to find a solution, Jeremy has reliable signal in and around the farmhouse. This means his family and staff can now use voice and data to connect to the rest the world.

We cannot agree more with Rayne when he says: “When installing cellular boosters, I spend a lot of time on antenna selection. When you choose the right antenna, the rest is easy! A cellular booster can only perform as well as the antenna you choose and how well it is installed.”

The Solution

IntetoConnect asked Rayne Nell from TeleRay CC to assist. TeleRay is based in Port Elizabeth and has the technical expertise to assist with a challenging installation like this.

A Wilson amplifier was installed on the mountain that blocks the signal from the house. Two LPDA-92 antennas were connected to the amplifier using low loss cable. One of these antennas pointed towards the Vodacom tower and the other down to the house. The system was then powered up using a solar panel and batteries (pictured right)

“There are many antenna manufacturers around, but after careful consideration I only use the Poynting products because any RF system is only as good as the antenna used!” – Rayne Nell, TeleRay cc.
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