The MS Möhnesee provides ferry and tourism services for passengers across the “Westphalian Sea” in North Rhine, Germany. Modern tourists demand Wi-Fi internet services to share their experiences on Social Media and to remain connected with the outside world. Providing tourists with this service is becoming an expectation which enhances their experience and customer satisfaction.

MS Möhnesee

The MS Möhnesee is a tourism vessel which was built in 1977/78 and is operated by Möhneseeschifffahrt GmbH. The MS Möhnesee provides a ferry service for up to 600 passengers on the “Westphalian Sea” in Germany.


The Customer Requirement

The MS Möhnesee passengers had little or no cellular and data connection onboard. It was necessary to satisfy the passenger needs for a stable internet connection and make Wi-Fi calling services possible onboard.



The Solution

The local distributor of Poynting Antennas in Germany, IME mobile solutions GmbH, provided a solution using a Cellular/LTE & Wi-Fi router connected to two OMNI-291 and one WLAN-60 antenna. Two Poynting OMNI-291 omnidirectional antennas, which are specifically designed for marine use, where used as donor antennas in order to receive 2×2 MIMO LTE for enhanced LTE connectivity.Poynting’s new WLAN-60 antenna was also used, which provides Wi-Fi distribution to the passengers onboard. This antenna is highly efficient and suited to such an application, where highly reliable and excellent quality is expected.

The Result

Before the implementation of this system, 0 to 1 bar cellular reception was experienced, but afterwards, 4 to 5 bars were reported by the customer.The passengers previously had little or no throughput before, but now have 1.55Mbps to 10.83Mbps depending on where the MS Möhnesee is on the lake.



LTE Reception: 0 – 1 BarsThroughput : Insignificant


LTE Reception: 4 – 5 BarsThroughput : 4.1 – 10.5 Mb/sPDF of “Poynting provides Wi-Fi to the passengers onboard the MS Möhnesee in the North Rhine “Westphalian Sea” resolves marginal rural telecommunication

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