From past experience with many happy clients and successful installations, we can confidently say that mounting a permanently fixed outdoor external antenna solves most problems. The question of antenna gain is not always well understood as atmospheric conditions such as rain and heat, time of day and number of users, proximity to the metal structures connected to the tower all play a role in the results achieved.

Faster speed is always desirable but the stability resulting from a fixed permanently mounted outdoor antenna results in big improvement in the user experience.

A big improvement may often be seen in gain (measured in dB), yet a stable signal will generally offer faster up-and download speeds. Gain is not everything and is a metric that is often misinterpreted, overstated or over-emphasised. Gain should be considered in context of many other parameters that affect your online experience.

Should you not be satisfied with your purchase, Poynting offers a full refund on all antennas returned in its original packaging, if returned within 14 days of purchase. There is absolutely no risk to the customer as we refund within 72 hours of receiving the antenna from the customer.

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