I’m thinking of buying one of your 4G antennas for my camper. I’m considering the PUCK-2 or the MIMO-3-V2-12. Can you tell me what the difference between two antennas?


On paper it seems as if the PUCK-2 would be a better fit than the MIMO-3-V12. If you were to put these two in the field and then do a direct comparison in performance, the MIMO-3-V12 would exceed that of the PUCK-2.

As the MIMO-3 has a much larger enclosure, the antennas have better spacing within the enclosure. This will ensure that the interference between the antennas are minimal and will result in better performance.

The MIMO-3 was also specifically designed for automotive use. The radiation patterns are specifically designed to radiate horizontally to achieve optimum coverage from base stations. The MIMO-3 would be a much more suitable antenna for a camper.

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