The UDAS is a unique device that is designed to improve the router signal in an enclosed environment. The antenna is fitted between an indoor router unit and an outdoor antenna. The purpose of the antenna is to leak a small amount of the transmit or received signal into the region where the unit is installed. This enables indoor users to receive an improved signal whilst most of the power is radiated by the antenna outside.

The unit has a wideband operation and operates from 698 – 6000 MHz, covering the popular 5G/LTE bands as well as the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for Wi-Fi applications. The UDAS has an omni-directional radiation pattern, which ensures that the whole room or enclosed space is covered. The UDAS also offers 2×2 MIMO, where the antenna elements within the enclosure are cross-polarised, as this helps with diversity and delivers improved performance. The UDAS enclosure is made of ABS with UV stabiliser, which is a high impact resistant plastic and is also resistant to acids and other chemicals.

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