The SPLT-16 is a 2-way splitter, which is has an ultra-wideband operation and operates from 410 to 7200 MHz. The ultra-wideband operations allow for multiple implementations and can be used for all the popular 4G/LTE and 5G applications, as well as dual-band Wi-Fi implementation. The product implements the design of a Wilkinson power divider, as this ensures low loss while providing good phase and amplitude balance. The SPLT-16 can be used as a splitter to split the power from a single antenna to two independent devices. The SPLT-16 can also be used as a combiner to combine two separate antennas to a single device, which will allow for antenna diversity and improved performance. The SPLT enclosure is made of ABS with UV stabiliser, which is a high impact resistant plastic and is also resistant to acids and other chemicals.

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