The OMNI-494 is a cross-polarised, dual-band Wi-Fi omni-directional antenna for marine & coastal deployments. The antenna provides dual-band Wi-Fi coverage in the 2.4 GHz and 4.9 to 7.2 GHz bands, making it ideal for any Wi-Fi access point, whether it is older Wi-Fi technology or new technology that goes up to Wi-Fi6E (7.2 GHz). The antenna offers 4×4 MIMO capability from its vertically separated radiating elements, allowing for true omni-directional coverage suitable for marine and coastal applications. To further add to the 4×4 MIMO performance, the antennas are cross-polarised, with high gain vertical antennas, with a peak gain of 9.8 dBi, and low gain horizontally polarised antennas, with a peak gain of 4.5 dBi, for improved performance.
The OMNI-494 is purpose-built for harsh environments with an IP 68 protection rating against dust and water ingress, with the antenna being foam filled, making it ideal for the most severe storms at sea. The radome is fully saltwater protected, so it can be used in highly corrosive environments, thanks to the UV stable ASA radome material.

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