The OMNI-402-5G is an ultra-wideband antenna, which covers all contemporary 5G/LTE operating frequencies with excellent balanced gain across all frequencies. The antenna operates from 410 to 4200 MHz, with a peak gain of 5.8 dBi across the ultra-wideband. The antenna also offers 2×2 MIMO capability from its vertically separated elements, further enhancing overall performance. The antenna design allows superior pattern control over the entire frequency range, making the OMNI-402 a true high-performance omni-directional MIMO antenna, ideal for the marine and coastal applications.
The OMNI-402 is usable in all parts of the world, guaranteeing signal reception almost everywhere. Poynting achieves this through a new antenna configuration using multiple dipoles and a unique (patented) feed network. The antenna is future-proof as it covers the lower 450 MHz LTE frequency and the upper 4.2 GHz 5G band for coastal and inland applications.

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