The HELI-40 adds to our current HELI antenna range for mining and tunnelling deployments. The HELI-40 is a dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi antenna, radiating in both directions (i.e. bi-directional). This makes the antenna ideal for coverage of both Wi-Fi bands in mining and other type of tunnels. The HELI-40 was specifically designed for vehicle/equipment mounting, making it ideal for deployment within the tunnel to provide telemetry and mining automation.

The antenna is 2×2 MIMO and comes standard in both Left-Hand Circular (LHC) and Right-Hand Circular (RHC) polarised to provide optimal decorrelation within a MIMO deployment. The polarisation diversity and frequency diversity of the antenna enhances MIMO performance and RF reliability within a mining tunnel. The circular polarisation allows the dual-band Wi-Fi frequencies to propagate around tunnel bends in a non-line of sight scenario. This provides improved performance with enhanced link stability and reliability.

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